Collage by Jo Caulkins newbie

I was just looking over once again the wonderful Magenta Collage work that Jo Caulkins did after our trip together to Key West for a Quilt Show and Collage and Dyeing workshops in March 2013. We had a great time together and she was a huge help!!!!!!!!!

This is what she said about her collage kit experience: “Inspired by a collage class by Fabric Artist, Marlene Glickman, I went from this intimidating pile of fabrics to these collages. Thank you, thank you for finding the playful child within me!

“I’ve never taken any kind of a fabric class…don’t even know how to sew a button on! I’m one of those girls that tapes a hem!! This was perfect for me!”

“Carol (her friend in Punta Gorda) & I had so much fun!! Thank you so much…I think… I’m afraid I may be addicted. She couldn’t get me to stop for dinner. When does that ever happen?! :-)” Jo C.

Go to this link on Facebook to see all the collages she did.

Marlene and Jo on our way to Key West

One out of 7 collages Jo did in Magenta from her Collage Kit

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