Fabric Box Blossoms

I found a pattern for a fabric box and thought what a great idea for

Mia Kitty napping under the turned sandwiches ready to free motion.

using up Silk dye samples or my Japanese small piece collection and thus the addiction began. I made a variety of sizes-4 inch on up to 22 inch square sandwiches and practiced my free motion. Then turned them into a box. When I stacked them one inside the other, I found a blossom so I never turned down the points and secured them to the box per the pattern

Side view of interlocking blossoms. It is also possible to turn the boxes inside out and have a different color combination.

Needless to say, I have continued with this blossom proliferation. Some will be in the Dunedin Fine Arts Center Gift Shop soon.  I am also thinking of making a Color Series of Box Blossoms.

Top view of the blossom boxes

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