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Home Studio Workshops: Ready to start up again after a very long break. These will be held in my home studio in Clearwater. Average cost is $60 for a 3 hour workshop. If there is a supply fee, it will be noted. Limited to 6 students. See details for workshops and dates below.

*ZOOM workshops:  ZOOM workshops are available on a variety of subjects: Creative Fabric Collage; Beginning Silk Dyeing; Intermediate Silk Dyeing; Advanced Silk Dyeing; Indigo dyeing and Shibori, Hand Dyed Silk Greeting Cards and Landscapes.  Contact me for how to schedule. Most are 3 hour workshops. 3 students minimum at $60 each. Supplies separate cost, order ahead to allow for shipping time.

NOTE: Private instruction via Zoom or in person are available. Please email me to arrange and ask about fees.


Email me with any questions.

In-person Workshops
Date/Name/Color (if collage)

Scheduled Shows, Workshops and Free Open Studio 2022:


17 June 2023 Saturday 1-4:30pm HOME STUDIO workshop Fun with Foils: Fusing on Fabric and Paper Workshop. Explore a variety of  fusibles (sheets, delicate web, thread, powder) on fabric and paper. Learn to embellish a greeting card with foil and the tip of your iron. Hand dye sheer silk to soften the metallic effect. Using Lumiere Fabric Paint and shaving cream, create a design using a silk screen onto fabric.  $60 includes supplies. Limit: 6 students


Future workshop topics below:

Indigo and Shibori Dyeing with Color Hue Instant Set Dyes: Learn how to mix indigo (light, medium and dark) and basic shibori techniques to create some unique designs on silk fabric. Techniques to be covered:

Dip Dyeing for an ombre or gradation of color from dark to light effect or even a change of color as in Green to Turquoise to Blue.

Casual Arashi Pole wrapping effects (zebra stripes/sunset lines technique)

Ne-Maki wrapping fabric around found objects using small rubber bands or binding around them using thick thread to produce rings or squares.

Itajime Shape resists using wooden shapes, felt, lace doilies, foamy shapes, sticks, clamps for geometric effects

Student provides own supplies or orders   (note: as well as sell silk)

Indigo Sampler

Supplies recommended: Color Hue 10 Color Dye Kit (if you don’t have it), 4 Silk Scarves (or the Silk Scarf Kit with 5 scarves $28)  Tabletop Technique Kit $20 or buy your own Wooden shapes, sticks, wooden rulers for longer sticks, clamps (small to medium plastic ones at Harbor Freight Tools)

Objects (marbles, beans, plastic caps, little rocks) Small rubber bands (hair bands from Family Dollar)

Pint to Quart plastic container for dip dyeing

Usual silk dyeing set up: Color Hue Silk dyes with instruction booklet on how to mix dyes, Bottles (spray and flip top), white and clear plastic tablecloths, wipe up silk scarf, plastic 2 oz cup for special colors,  gloves, baggies, pipettes, old towel, iron, ironing board.


ZOOM Creative Fabric Collage. $30.00 for the workshop. Collage kit available at $30.00 plus shipping within the US. You choose the color of the kit. Please allow a minimum of 1 week for delivery so you have time to see what is in the kit (fondling the fabrics) and getting your area set up for the workshop. Each kit includes fabrics for making at least 15-20 collages, and includes sheers, foil, fusibles and embellishments. Sewing Machine optional as we will be using fusing methods and hand sewing for details. Learn to manipulate and fuse fabric creating a free form design, a textural landscape, 3D floral image, using sheers to create fog or shadow effects and working with foils for a sun or moon or abstract design. You will provide the device (computer) for taking the workshop, cutting board and scissors, rotary cutter and clear ruler for the cutting board and cutter, small tabletop ironing board and iron, needle and thread to go with the color of collage kit you chose. Optional: sewing machine with thread and bobbin thread at hand in light, medium and dark colors to sew your collages. And a fun attitude for experimentation, exploration and design.

ZOOM Creative Fabric Collage Phase 2: Revisit Foil and Fusibles as well embossing velvet with stamps;  coloring with colored pencils for subtle shading and gel pens for details; using clothing labels in design work; 3D effects.

Color Mixing with Color Hue Dyes. For anyone who already has a set of Color Hue dyes. If you don’t, you can order a set online and take this mini-workshop. Learn how to mix the colors in your dye kit with tap water and testing them for saturation of color. Using a white silk scarf as the tester, you will end up with a silk scarf that is one of every color in your kit.  There are also special colors that people want to know how to mix-lime green, indigo, teal, olive green, etc. With a Zoom mini-workshop, I will be able to take requests for certain colors ahead of time, work out the ratios and present them in the workshop demos. Email me with the color you would like to learn how to mix.

 Beginning Silk Dyeing with Color Hue Dyes: The Basics: Dye 2 silk scarves 11 x 72 in lightweight silk. The first will be done baggie style for a random design. The second scarf will be a sampler of 6-8 techniques (soft and dynamic floral images, zebra stripes or sunset lines, stencil imagery, stamp images transferred to silk and dynamic lines. Supplies to have on hand: For this online class you will need a Color Hue dye kit, bottles, clear and white plastic tablecloths for your dyeing table, a flip top sandwich baggie, gloves to mix your dyes with tap water, 2-3 silk scarves (you can buy from me at or or I still have a few of the Master Dye Kits available for $150. They don’t include the tote carry with handle as the shipping is prohibitive. But if you want it, the total cost will be about $30-35.  Note: if you get a dye kit from me it will include a silk scarf, baggie, gloves, pipettes for putting dyes from dye bottle into water bottle and instruction booklet. You can get either the 10 color dye kit or the 6 color dye kit. You will have plenty of dyes left over to do more silk after the workshop. A set up instruction sheet will be emailed to you when you sign up.


Intermediate Dyeing for Beginners: Create 5 silk scarves using these simple techniques: Growing Trees (with a review of zebra stripes and abstract); the following can be done with smaller silk samples – Mandala with clothespins; Repeat designs with two knots; tiny bands, shapes under silk. 


Advanced Lumiere, Color Hue Dyes & Silk Screens on Fabric and Paper  Learn to add imagery to your silk using dyes mixed with unscented shaving cream to thicken them and screen images onto silk. Adding Lumiere fabric paint to the mix of cream/dyes give you a metallic effect with color.  The hand of the fabric stays soft even with the paint applied. The dyes and Lumiere can be layered over existing dyed silk from the previous workshops. (Supplies needed: Color Hue Dyes, Lumiere Fabric Paint ( , Cardstock paper or cards, silk (lightweight Paj, China Silk 8mm or 15mm as well as 22mm silk broadcloth), Black Cotton or other dark colors (can’t be overdyed with Lumiere but creates great effects), Previously dyed silk;  Print Pad (felt with muslin cover) sponge brushes, 2-3 oz mixing cups, stir stick, Silk Screens (Ginny Eckley has lot of screen designs-; also Jane Dunnewold-offers custom screens based on your own designs also;  

Hand Dyed Silk Greeting Cards and Landscapes Hand Dyed Silk Greeting Cards: (see picture below) Dye sheer silk organza in 3 x 4 1/2 inch rectangles and fuse to cardstock. Then add a touch of bling fusing gold or silver foil to the paper under the silk design. Great for any season or special occasions. Details created with gel pens and colored pencils.

Silk broadcloth


Easy Watercolor effect Landscape on Silk : Taking a With fused foil sun and silk organza overlay10 x 12 inch rectangle of silk broadcloth 22mm (feels and sews like cotton) or silk ranging from 8mm-18mm, learn to create a stunning landscape dyeing both sides of the fabric. Once dried with an iron, add details with gel pens for fine lines, colored pencils for shading areas. Finish off with a touch of bling adding a fused foil sun or moon. Optional: dye a piece of sheer silk organza and lay it over the landscape to add a a subtle color/design change.

Pin Weaving Workshop : includes all pin weaving supplies in your kit, including a pin weaving board. If you fall in love with the process, you can make lots more re-using the board. Let me know what colors you want to work with: Yellow/Oranges; Pinks/Reds; Blues; Purple/Pinks; Greens; Black/White/Greys. Create a small pin weaving using threads, yarns, lightweight fabrics and roving. Once released from the pins, the back of the weaving will be fused. No tight weaving needed. This is similar to a tapestry type weaving method.  Fuse the weaving to the onto Silk Organza with extra on top to form a sleeve. Cover with tulle and free motion or do some hand stitching. Cut away tulle to reveal contrasting fabrics and yarns. Embellish with beads, hand dyed ribbons and any special trinkets you have on hand (not included in the kit). The project you do can be a wall hanging or cut up into smaller pieces, mounted on the silk organza and fused to cardstock for a unique textured greeting card.  Weaving Kit with board/pins needed.


Fun with Foils: Fusing on Fabric and Paper Workshop. Explore a variety of  fusibles (sheets, delicate web, thread, powder) on fabric and paper. Learn to embellish a greeting card with foil and the tip of your iron. Hand dye sheer silk to soften the metallic effect. Using Lumiere Fabric Paint and shaving cream, create a design using a silk screen onto fabric.  $60 includes supplies.



Open Studio Play Day. Bring a project or gift to work on or dye a silk scarf or tie or hanky or greeting card….. Pay for the silk you want to dye. No fees for Open Studio day for former students. $20 for people who haven’t taken a workshop.

Testimonial from the Hand Dyed Silk Scarf Workshop for Teachers at the Tampa Museum of Art:
“We dyed the scarves yesterday and I have to say it was one of the best projects ever! I had originally intended on having some adult helpers but suddenly none were available — and it was still manageable for me. I did a demo in front of the entire class and had a few student helpers who made their scarves as part of the demo. Then they were able to help me. I gave the kids choices of three colors — each one was unique and beautiful in its own way and while I was ironing I would find images of flowers, butterflies, snowflakes, horses heads, etc. which got the kids so engaged. I would most definitely do this again or take the dying process to another level.

“In addition, it was very clean, no one got excess dye on them except for me (when I was mixing them) and the worst thing that happened was someone popping their baggie while waiting.

19 Responses to Workshop & Events Calendar

  1. Carla says:

    this blog is great. keep it up, hugs.

  2. Cindy Axt says:

    I took your make and take silk scarf at the Sewing and Quilting Expo in Lakeland, Fl this year. I am the program director of my quilt club. I showed my scarf to my guild friends and we would love to have you come and do a program with us. There are around 30 in our group. We could always envite another club if necessary. We’d like to know how much you would charge and when would be able to come, if you can. We meet on the 4th Monday of every month. My phone # is 863 944-2022. I would call you, but, I’m sure your time is crazy and I’m not sure when a good time would be. Thank you in advance. Have a great day. Cindy

  3. Marlene says:

    Dear Cindy,
    I would love to come to your guild and do a program with you all. I will email you separately and we can work out the details.

  4. Marlene says:

    You are more than welcome. I enjoy sharing what I am learning with my Color Hue dyes as well as with fabric. I found recently that when dyeing using the baggie technique, if I want a strong dynamic more intense color with a floral type design, I pull the dyed scarf out of the baggie, let’s say it was dyed medium green. I grab each area that is still white and give it a twist. Holding all those twists, usually 5-7, I place the scarf back in the baggie with the twists up on top so the next dye will hit them first. I pour in 1-2 tablespoons of hot pink or pumpkin or another color to contrast with the green. Then I wait. I don’t squeeze and let go right away. I count to 15-20 seconds and then I squeeze and let go to make sure the dye has bonded with the silk right on those twists. It makes for fast floral images and a nice dynamic contrast in color.

  5. Linda Valentino says:

    Marlene I am so proud that you taught Joanie and I a fantastic course of color. I went to town at Joannes today to get stencils and some other fabric to work with on a trial basis, I also bought some plastic for my outdoor table to do work in. my home is large but with the kitties climbing up they may spill somthing so i do not want to do this. I loved my scarfs now i want to make various things with this… I have to make somthing nice for the niece and sister in law for the holidays this year we planning to go see them just after new years for 2013. I wish to go with you to the school in italy to teach but go there to take a class… i love this, its so easy and I do not get my hands too dirty too. I like working with screen as well… stenciling with screen is alot of fun..

    I took two of the same item and sandwiched it together and placed a screen between them and glued one side so it can have that same effect as a dabber did, its awesome thanks and also i love the colors.. I hope to do this somtime within the next 2 weeks when I have any time… I need more time!! Now I will incorporate this with my jewelry pieces and place them inside the designs and then work with the screening too…

    I enjoyed the class and now i am making my own snake necklaces that turn into scarfs, tee shirts and also belts. they are alot ot fun… so thanks for your class and I hope to join you all again soon.
    Blessings to Peter as well.
    Hugs Linda

  6. Marlene says:

    So happy you are having fun with your new ways to put color onto silk with the Color Hue dyes. It was great to have you and Joanie in my studio and watching you both create! Your screen in between items sounds fascinating. I would love to see it and see how you are using it in your jewelry work. Would love to see that also. Hope to see you soon. Love, Marlene

  7. Pauline Gauthier says:

    Hi Marlene, I took your class at the Long Ctr on 5/9 for silk scarf dyeing. I absolutely loved the outcome and couldn’t believe how beautiful these scarves come out, especially since I am not a creative person. It is so amazing. I overheard you mention that you hold a class for 6 people and the cost is $45.00, which I am very interested in going to. Can you get back to me with details of this class and the date?I woud like to learn much more from you.I so look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for all you teach and I can’t wait to learn more. This is so exciting.

  8. Marlene says:

    Hi Pauline, yes the dyes are easy to use on silk especially regardless of one’s skill level. My next two workshops during the summer are not on dyeing although in the pin weaving class and funky fiber friends dyes will be set up so you can dye a silk organza sheer background for the weaving you do. Here are the dates and details. I have two more places left in in June 2 workshop at my studio. 2 June Sat: Home Studio Workshop: Pin Weaving and Funky Fiber Friends using a variety of fibers and hand dyed silks. 10-3:30 includes supplies, weaving board, fibers, wires, beads and a light lunch.

    14 July Sat: Home Studio Workshop Fiber Journal/Books. Create a journal using hand painted fabrics, dyed sheers, discharged fabrics using a photograph or a few embellishments and mementos you bring from home as inspiration for your theme.

  9. Marlene says:

    Yes. I want to get my next 3 DVD’s made first and then use the content and photos from that for my book. DVD’s are much faster to get out and people really enjoy seeing the dyes in use to learn how to do the techniques.

  10. Pauline Gauthier says:

    Hi Marlene, thank you for getting back to me. I’m not creative at all, my fingers tend to do what I don’t want them to do. I have never done pin weaving, actually never even considered it, but I am interested in learning a variety of new things, so if you think that my lack of coordination with my fingers is not a huge downfall, I would love to learn how to do this and sign up for the class on 6/2. I am still interested in learning more dyeing with scarves, belts and drawstring bags if you have classes on that at any time, please let me know. Thank you and I look forward to your response. Pauline

  11. Pauline Gauthier says:

    I look forward to you next 3 DVD’s and I certainly want to purchase them when avalable. Sounds like soon and I’m sure you will post to your blog. So perhaps I should wait for the DVD’s instead of taking the class on pin weaving is the impression I am getting that it would probably be better for me. I will stay in touch and check on your calendar of events and also re: the new DVD’s. When these are available, please mark me down to get them. Thanks Marlene and enjoy your week end. Pauline

  12. Marlene says:

    Dear Pauline,
    Just so you know, the DVD’s won’t be covering pin weaving, just at the workshop I am doing on the 2nd of June. The DVD’s will cover the following topics: Advanced Dyeing for Beginners with a ton of the new techniques using clamps, sticks, shapes, knots, abstract designs, growing trees, etc.; Creative Collage (including landscapes, 3D florals with hand dyed sheers, using dyed sheers to create fog and shadows, basics of fusing; Fabulous Foiled Fabric and Paper. So if you do want to learn the pin weaving and funky fiber friends, would love to have you.

  13. Pauline Gauthier says:

    Yes I would like to give it a try on the pin weaving and funky fiber friends. That would be this Sat. @10:a.m at your address. Just let me know what you accept for payment, cash, visa etc. and will it be at the Willowbrook Dr in Clearwater? Thanks and advise and perhaps I can put my order in for the new 3 DVD’s as well.

  14. Betza says:

    Hi. I found you through a cps email on the 101 patkrwohcs book. Your color makes me smile and I think your booth at the crafts festival would have kept me there ALL day. As a collage person and crafty generalist, your skill at sewing amazing happy pieces makes me jealous .we always love what we can’t do too well. xox Corrine

  15. Marlene says:

    I would love to see the scarves you dyed for the ladies golf association. Do you have pics?

  16. Monica O'Halloran-Schut says:

    Hi Marlene,
    I’m so looking forward to the May 22nd workshop….
    However I know you are planning more…(YAY!) and I wondered if I could put my name down for the Fun with Foils: Fusing on Fabric and Paper Workshop. I have a feeling your works are going to fill up and I don’t want to lose on taking this one.
    Thank you again…keep well!

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  18. cathy rozzelle says:

    I do want to be attend the May 22, Collage workshop.
    Please send me a link and I will pay for it.
    Thank you,
    Cathy Rozzelle

  19. Marlene says:

    Dear Cathy,
    I am so happy you reached me another way so you could attend the 22 May Collage workshop.
    I just discovered your message in my Blog folder. DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t realize how to get messages
    until just now via my blog but my tech guru pointed it out to me. Thanks again for persisting in getting ahold
    of me so you could attend. It was a pleasure to have you in the Zoom workshop. You are welcome to attend any of
    my end of the month Free Open Studios and I can replay any demo you would like to see. The next one is 28 August from 3-4pm (saturday eastern time).
    Best Wishes in Fabric, Marlene

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