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Home Studio Workshops: These have been suspended during Covid restrictions.

*ZOOM workshops:  ZOOM (1, 2 & 3 hour) workshops will be available on a variety of subjects: Creative Fabric Collage; Beginning Silk Dyeing; Advanced Silk Dyeing; Fusing Foil to Fabric and Paper; Pin Weaving, Indigo dyeing and Shibori and more. 

When Covid restrictions are lifted, I will reconsider doing small workshops in my home studio (3 people maximum). My home studio is in Clearwater, Florida. Private ZOOM instruction are available in the meantime.  Art supplies are sometimes included in the price of the workshop. Workshops can be on a variety of topics-dyeing silk, collage, fusing foil to fabric, indigo, alter-ego dyeing on satin devore, painting fabric, silk screen imprinting and free motion drawing on fabric.

Email me with any questions.
  • FILLED 24 April 2021 2pm-5pm EST ZOOM Creative Fabric Collage Workshop
  • NEW 22 May 2021 2pm-5pm EST ZOOM Creative Fabric Collage Workshop (4 places left)
  • NEW 15 May 2021 2-5pm EST ZOOM Silk Dyeing – Beginning Basics Workshop (limit 15) Reserve your workshop for $30, include workshop date, workshop name and your phone number. Click here to order any supplies needed. You will need dyes and a minimum of two silk scarves. Both the 6-color dye kit and the 10-color dye kit come with one silk scarf. When you order the dyes, I will add a second scarf for you. If you want more scarves, you can order a set of 5 for $28 that are Paj 5mm Lightweight Silk 11 x 72 inches. The silk in the workshop will be 5-8mm – no heavier weight should be used for the techniques we will be doing.
Reserve your place & collage supplies now for $70!
(Email me for int’l prices.)
Reserve your workshop only for $30!
Click here to see the collage kit colors.  


Date/Name/Collage Kit Color


Date and Name

ZOOM Creative Fabric Collage. US fee is $70. ($30.00 for the workshop/$30.00 Collage Kit supplies/$10 shipping of kit within US. Please email me for int’l shipping prices.) You choose the color of the kit. Please allow a minimum of 1 week for delivery so you have time to see what is in the kit (fondling the fabrics) and getting your area set up for the workshop. Each kit includes fabric for 15-20 collages, sheers, foil, fusibles and embellishments. Sewing Machine optional as we will be using fusing methods and hand sewing for details. Learn to manipulate and fuse fabric creating a free form design, a textural landscape, 3D floral image, using sheers to create fog or shadow effects and working with foils for a sun or moon or abstract design. You will provide the device (computer) for taking the workshop, cutting board and scissors, rotary cutter and clear ruler for the cutting board and cutter, small tabletop ironing board and iron, needle and thread to go with the color of collage kit you chose. Optional: sewing machine with thread and bobbin thread at hand in light, medium and dark colors to sew your collages. And a fun attitude for experimentation, exploration and design.

Beginning Silk Dyeing with Color Hue Dyes: The Basics: Dye 2 silk scarves 11 x 72 in lightweight silk. The first will be done baggie style for a random design. The second scarf will be a sampler of 6-8 techniques (soft and dynamic floral images, zebra stripes or sunset lines, stencil imagery, stamp images transferred to silk and dynamic lines.


Intermediate Dyeing for Beginners: Create 2 silk scarves using these simple techniques: Growing Trees (with a review of zebra stripes and abstract); Mandala with clothespins; Repeat designs with two knots; tiny bands (demo only), shapes under silk (demo only).

Advanced Silk Dyeing: Silk Screening: learn to mix the dye concentrates with unscented shaving cream so you can pull the color through a silk screen. Add a bit of Lumiere Fabric Paint to create a sparkle -can also be mixed with shaving cream which keep the hand of the fabric soft, even with the paint applied. The dyes and Lumiere can be layered over existing dyed silk from the previous workshops.

Indigo and Shibori Dyeing with Color Hue Instant Set Dyes: Learn how to mix indigo (light, medium and dark) and basic shibori techniques to create some unique designs on silk fabric. Techniques that will be covered with be dip dyeing, scrunch in a cup dyeing as well as Arashi Shibori: Pole wrapping (easy way and with a pole) and Itajime Shibori: fold and clamp with sticks, wooden shapes or small rubber bands.

Hand Dyed Silk Greeting Cards: (see picture below) Dye sheer silk organza in 3 x 4 1/2 inch rectangles and fuse to cardstock. Then add a touch of bling fusing gold or silver foil to the paper under the silk design. Great for any season or special occasion.

Easy Watercolor effect Landscape on Silk Broadcloth: Taking a 10 x 12 inch rectangle of silk broadcloth (feels and sews like cotton) learn to create a stunning landscape dyeing both sides of the fabric. Once dried with an iron, add details with gel pens for fine lines, colored pencils for shading areas. Finish off with a touch of blind adding a sun or moon by fusing foil to your landscape. Optional: dye a piece of sheer silk organza an a subtle color/design changing overlay.

Pin Weaving Workshop : ncludes all pin weaving supplies including a pin weaving board. If you fall in love with the process, I will have supplies you can purchase to take home. Let me know what colors you want to work with. In 6  hours (10-4pm) Create a small pin weaving using threads, yarns, lightweight fabrics and roving. This will be fused on the back to hold it together. No tight compacting of rows needed. This is similar to a tapestry type weaving method. Then dye sheer silk organza for the background panel. Fuse the weaving to the panel. Cover with tulle and free motion (bring your machine or I can do this part for you if you don’t sew). Cut away tulle to reveal contrasting fabrics and yarns. Embellish with beads, hand dyed ribbons and any special trinkets you would like to bring with you. All supplies are provided . Limited to 5 students. The project you do can be a wall hanging or cut up into smaller pieces, mounted on the silk organza and fused to cardstock for a unique textured greeting card.  I will provide supplies: pin weaving board the student takes home, fibers, fabrics, fusible, silk organza and dyes, etc.


Fun with Foils: Fusing on Fabric and Paper Workshop. Explore a variety of  fusibles (sheets, delicate web, thread, powder) on fabric and paper. Learn to embellish a greeting card with foil and the tip of your iron. Hand dye sheer silk to soften the metallic effect. $40 includes supplies and a light lunch.


Indigo Dyeing and Shibori with Instant Setting Color Hue dyes on Silk and Vat dyeing outdoors with any fabric (cottons, silks, linens, rayons, etc. ) Learn to manipulate fabric-folding, stitching, clamping, dipping… and with whatever resist you created, dye in indigo to see the design that happens. Indoors in dyeing with Color Hue dyes on silk and outdoors, a variety of fabrics dipped in a vat of indigo.


Open Studio Play Day. Bring a project or gift to work on or dye a silk scarf or tie or hanky or greeting card….. Pay for the silk you want to dye. No fees for Open Studio day for former students. $20 for people who haven’t taken a workshop.

Testimonial from the Hand Dyed Silk Scarf Workshop for Teachers at the Tampa Museum of Art:
“We dyed the scarves yesterday and I have to say it was one of the best projects ever! I had originally intended on having some adult helpers but suddenly none were available — and it was still manageable for me. I did a demo in front of the entire class and had a few student helpers who made their scarves as part of the demo. Then they were able to help me. I gave the kids choices of three colors — each one was unique and beautiful in its own way and while I was ironing I would find images of flowers, butterflies, snowflakes, horses heads, etc. which got the kids so engaged. I would most definitely do this again or take the dying process to another level.

“In addition, it was very clean, no one got excess dye on them except for me (when I was mixing them) and the worst thing that happened was someone popping their baggie while waiting.

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