Clothespins and Silk Dyes

I mentioned in my last art newsletter list that I would post pictures of the sequence for folding, clamping with clothespins and dyeing silk using Color Hue dyes. Someone emailed after the previous newsletter requesting photos. Here they are.

1 and 2. Lay out silk fabric and clothespins.Fold Silk in half.

Lay out silk and wooden clothespins.

Fold in half.

3. Fold in Half to form a square.

Fold in half to form a square.

4. Fold to form a triangle and repeat for a smaller triangle.

Fold square in half to make a triangle.

Fold into a smaller triangle.

6. Clamp with wooden Clothespins and Dye around the pins on both sides using Color Hue Dyes.

Dye around the pins.

Clamp with wooden clothespins.

7. After dyeing around the pins on both sides of the fabric and when the water around the silk is clear, remove the pins. Open up your design. Spray over resisted lighter areas if you want to shift the contrast.

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