A weaver asked me about Color Hue dyes and Tencel as well as a Tencel/Silk blend. I thought I would share my answer. She is going to dye the fibers/warp while on the loom as she goes. Great idea! Just needs to let it dry after applying the dyes/water. She said the Tencel was similar to Rayon. I have noticed that rayon, whether the satin rayon devore which has a shine to it or the rayon you are familiar with in shirts and dresses doesn’t take the Color Hue dyes the same as silk. It usually is lighter in color, takes longer to bond with the dyes and it doesn’t seem to dye black. It changes to a smoky blue, sometimes a peachy rust or greenish blue instead.

I decided to look up Rayon on the internet and found this definition. There is more information on how the natural cellulose fiber is changed into Rayon. This explains why the dyes work differently with the Rayon fibers. So once again, testing is important! Hope this helps.

Rayon From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Rayon is a manufactured regenerated cellulose fiber. Because it is produced from naturally occurring polymers, it is neither a truly synthetic fiber nor a natural fiber; it is a semi-synthetic[1] or artificial[2] fiber. Rayon is known by the names viscose rayon and art silk in the textile industry. It usually has a high luster quality giving it a bright sheen.

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