Jeanne Strangeland’s Scarf

Post from Jeanne Strangeland on the scarf she made with Color Hue Dyes and black wax resist. “Hi Marlene, As promised I’m sending you a picture of my fourth scarf I’ve made. … black wax resist, painted, dyed and dipped. Took a while to soften the original picture and get the right brown for the rest of the scarf. I’m happy with this one and look forward to the next. I already know I will need a lot more dye. I bought meters upon meters of different kinds of silk to play with. This scarf is made as a jumbo extra long silk chiffon that I hand hemmed prior to dying. Thank goodness I had the mind to buy the silk thread when I was in Calgary.

I think you created a monster in me…. 🙂 I look forward to the next one I make. I’m in the process of heming another chiffon with the rolled hem rather than a flat one. Will be fun taking that one through this process. I realize that I have a lot of patience to learn as I play with the wax resist too. I will try this process on the scarves I bought from you too but for now I wanted to make a few for me to wear with my spring clothes.Thanks for the tips.” J.S.

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