Thread Lace Bowls stacked

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  1. Marlene says:

    I went on a creative jag and made lots of thread lace bowls with my stash of threads, yarns and angelina fibers. I used water soluable Solvy to make them. Then I found out from the QuiltArt chat group that Paverpol is great for making them resistant to humidity which is important in Florida. It worked well. I got mine at My friend came over and saw them on the drying table and decided to stack them all together.

  2. Marlene these are just lovely! I used Paverpol to make a crochet lace bowl and it was pretty great except for the dried film in between some spaces of open crochet work. I should have squeezed it out more before I put it over a metal bowl (covered with saran wrap) to dry.
    Glad to see you blogging! It is a great way to connect-
    sorry I was so late to the meeting- I wanted to let you know I found a “source” for pvc like plastic tubes to do shibori on- I will bring some to the next meeting or even playday if you are coming. They are the leftover tubes from window mylar and a friend can get them from “the guy”. They have a stand like base at one end that is removable but will be great for standing them up. I instantly thought: Marlene! Shibori!!!
    🙂 love you,

  3. Marcia Z says:

    How can I sign up for your blog? It would come every time you add anything. Thx

  4. Marlene says:

    It is ready for you now Marcia. My amazing blog guru set it up for you and anyone else. Go to the right hand menu down to RSS feeds and click one or both.

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